it almost seems inevitable that Anna Christopher and Laurel Felt came up with LilyDidIt vCards.

they’re close friends, in their twenties, living in different cities, always online and always on the lookout for fun ways to stay in touch, send support, make each other laugh, and keep on rolling. plus, they dig filmmaking (Anna went to AFI, and Laurel got her Master’s in something that’s sort of related to filmmaking but not really).

so you do the math. what happens when a couple of pop culture-crazy Northwestern grads can’t find a product that recognizes what they’re about?

they make the product their own damn selves.*

to this day, Anna and Laurel are 1800 miles apart and credit their pal, the internet, for helping them stay insanely connected.

thanks to LilyDidIt vCards, the internet can help YOU keep in touch, too — and in fun new ways!

LilyDidIt vCards feature:

•   live-action video, not cheesy Flash animation;

•   occasions that are real and meaningful for young people;

•   a main character who looks, talks, and acts like a supercool friend;

•   a platform that lets users create vCards according to their personal situation and style.

*and then they brag about themselves in the creepy third person, as if they weren't the ones who wrote this. and after cuddling their MiniMe dolls and giving themselves a kiss by proxy, they fall fast asleep...