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Anna Christopher  director/writer/producer
Laurel Felt  director/writer/producer
Dominique Martinez  cinematographer
Armando Ballesteros  cinematographer (September 2007)
Stephanie Hernstadt  editor & sound designer
Bonnie Gillespie  casting director & writer (that guy)
Drew Mottinger  composer (big step, front seat rocker, parade-style pride, SATC rap)
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Michael Patterson  composer (forget cake, dancing queen, sumthin'-sumthin,' parallel parking, getting lucky, you're next, buzzkills, rescued, dance 'til dawn, reverse-cut-above-beyond, quarter nelson: you're next, mad beats, grand auto)
Chris Westlake  composer (where's my mommy?)
the breakups  original music (beach bums, couch cornered, getting friendly, happy f'ing vday, lip lock, loser let-down, lyme disease, no stopping you, party savior, party starter, power aid, shots: awesome, shots: piece of that, stairmaster)
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Helicopter Helicopter  original music (outta nowhere, start stop)
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Brian McGuire  original music (dance with me, winning moves)
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jen and abby  original music (jampacked, sexual-sexual)
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Mark Rudd  original music (gay power, mortarboards)
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Jeff Shuter  original music (birthday rose)
Lena Fuchs  wardrobe stylist (beach bums, be bold, big step, birthday bitch, birthday fire, gay power, inconvenient day, jampacked, mortarboards, moving box blues, no stopping you, off the map, parade-style pride, sexual-sexual, the sky is falling, where's my mommy?)
Andrea Livolsi  wardrobe stylist (aww, experience vs. change, future boyfriend, getting lucky, happy f'ing vday, holla!, lovebirds, screw apathy, ugh, voting time, xoxo)
Desirae Cherman  key hair and makeup
Melissa Chmielowski  key hair and makeup
Josh Weiner  1st AD and boom operator
Beau Wilson  production assistant

Clothing for 'vote it up' and 'valentine's day' provided by RedLight PR Studios - We love you guys!